Virto-Cuccolini and the classification of tartaric acid

Tartaric acid is an ingredient, perhaps little known, but widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

It has a natural origin; in fact, it is obtained in most cases from the grape pressing process and is included in products such as candies, jams and fruit juices to give a sour taste. It is an antioxidant and emulsifier in the baking and preparation of leavening agents for the bakery sector. It is also used in the production of wine and spirits as a balance of acidity. In pharmaceuticals, it is an ingredient of digestive effervescent together with sodium bicarbonate. Finally, it also has other applications in the agricultural industry as a component of fertilizers, in the metallurgical one to clean metal surfaces and is also an excellent retarder in the hardening process of gypsum in the construction sector.

For all these different uses, tartaric acid must be separated according to its particle size, in order to be able to provide each customer with a type of product suitable for the needs of incorporation into the product mixtures.

For this reason, Virto-Cuccolini has supported the major Italian and world producers of tartaric acid to refine its range of products with different granulometry through the supply of vibrating screens suitable for this product.

Do you have to classify a product according to its particle size? You can contact us to find the Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screen suitable for your case!

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