Spirulina safe harvesting thanks to Virto-Cuccolini’s special care!

Are you in the selection phase of a harvesting method for your spirulina cultivation?

Worried that your spirulina algae won’t make it through the end of the vibrating sieving process?

Virto-Cuccolini’s approach is always based on studying applications as close as possible, so that the sieved product results safe and therefore also its specific characteristics are well conserved.

Our technical team has been studying algae harvesting applications for years now.

We know that your concern is that algae’ characteristics remain whole and ready to supply consumers with their outstanding nutritional value.

That’s why we are spending time to learn more about how the product is reacting to the process and, as a consequence, which vibrating sieving parameters shall be best applied to reach this result.

At this stage, our knowledge of the process has awarded us consistent confirmations from our Customers, that algae structure remains unaltered throughout the vibrating sieving process – which therefore remains the best possible harvesting solution on the market!

Would you like to see how it works? Check out below video, with a complete Virto-Cuccolini’s spirulina harvesting unit in action!

Would you like to learn more about Virto-Cuccolini’s spirulina harvesting systems? Contact us by using the below form, and we’ll be happy to reach out to you!

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