It’s typically used for the straining and filtering of materials in a slurry, waste water processing, for dewatering solids and/or for liquid solid separation.

The sieve reduces your down-time, it’s easy to strip down and clean without tools, and boasts quick-release clamps. Manufactured in 800 mm diameter size, comes in a single deck configuration.

The sieves are commonly used in conjunction with sack-tip units and with big bag filling/discharging stations. Manufactured in various sizes, this model comes in a single deck configuration, and is suitable for use with dry powders.

VPF is a specific family of screening equipment within C-Line, dedicated to pharmaceutical applications.

VPF is a single deck powder sieve used for safety screening before entering the ingredients into a tablet press, a capsule production or a packaging line.

VPF2 is a single deck powder sieve used for inline safety screening in a production line with high capacity.

The sieve is used across many different industries such as food, recycling, coatings and metal powders.

The X-Line circular range is offered with a single deck or double deck for separating particles (3 mm down to 25 μm) in difficult materials that are wet or dry, sticky, abrasive or agglomerative.

X-Line’s, single deck multi-frequency for particle size separation for difficult materials that are slurry based, wet, dry, sticky, abrasive or agglomerative.

The Mixers are ideal in labs for mixing and making smooth glazes, and printing pastes and fluids in general.

We offer four distinct product lines of Mixing Tanks for Glaze with Pumps:

  1. CMI 500-800-1000-1500-2000-4000 are made in stainless steel AISI 304. The flow breaker positioned at 180 degrees and the tank bottom is stainless steel AISI 304.
  2. M 100-300-500-750 have a blade mixer for silk-screen printing pastes (raw materials, colorants and printing medium).